R & J Scaffolding Ltd supply Scaffold Alarms & site security with many years combined experience in this specialised service we are able to offer you excellent customer care, expert equipment knowledge and installation techniques at very competitive prices!!


Scaffold Alarms are today becoming a must for the simple reason is that Scaffolding provides an ideal route for intruders into your property that would not normally exist, it is therefore crucial to install the necessary precautions to prevent this.


Security – Easy access to valuable assets inside buildings and other external area’s such as roofs and adjoining properties.


Health & Safety – Children & Adult members of the public climbing the scaffolding with high potential for falls leading to injury or loss of life.


Insurance & Liability – Building & Contents cover may be void or increased significantly while the scaffolding is in place without additional protection.


All equipment used meets the most up to date regulations from a simple LCD user friendly key pad to sophisticated multi zoned systems.

All of our Scaffold alarms are installed with large warning signs which have been proved to work as a great deterrent !!

Did You Know that you are required to inform your insurance provider for both building and contents that scaffold is being installed, both date of installation and duration should be provided. In the event of a claim you may NOT BE INSURED if you fail to do this.









In addition to one of our Scaffold Alarm systems or as a Stand alone option, R & J Scaffolding Ltd can also fit and supply Scaffold Lighting.

The anti-vandal scaffold warning light fittings can be either red or white, depending on their application and/or council requirement.

Our Lighting systems can be optionally switched on and off at certain times, to save on electricity!


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